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Four Seasons Resorts Maldives: An Environmentalists Paradise

The Four Seasons Resorts Maldives have a variety of eco conservation initiatives at the resort from the Marine Discovery Centre, Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Program, Reefscapers, Water-bottling Plant (did you know the resort saves 30,400 plastic bottles per month?!), Bodu Huraa Community initiatives, and more.

Well Deserved Recognition 

They are known not only for being one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, but have also been recently recognized for their eco initiatives, including the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler, World Savers Award for doing it all, wildlife conservation, and educational initiatives.  Travel + Leisure have also recognized the resorts with a Global Vision Award for conservation.

Turtle Rehabilitation Program

A resort that truly allows you to enjoy luxury while also being conscious of its surroundings, we wanted to share with you one of our favorite success stories involving the successful turtle rehabilitation program; that protect, monitor, relocate, release, rear and rehabilitate Maldivian sea turtles.

They have released four turtles back into the wild. One of our favorite stories is of Chippy, who had been staying at the resorts since July 2012 because she was found entangled in fishing net and had to have one of her flippers amputated. The expert Four Seasons team nursed her back to health and she was released into the wild November 2012 – be sure to check it out below!

Just Keep Swimming…

One thing we love about this program is that resorts release the turtles into the wild equipped with tracking devices so that people have the ability to track the Ridley turtles to see where they are going, check out Chippy’s latest adventure (she’s the yellow turtle)!

For updates on these programs be sure to check back with the marine conservation team also known as the Marine Savers.

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