Canyon Ranch Food Truck: Eat, Play, Live

Did anyone happen to see this bright green food truck rolling around NYC a couple weeks ago? If so you probably were pleasantly surprised by the delicious healthy cuisine from the one and only Canyon Ranch.

One of the many things that Canyon Ranch aims to do for their guests is to change the common misconception that healthy food isn’t tasty. Healthy food is essential to fuel your body properly to get the most from your play time; and it can in fact be tasty, creative, and easy to make.

Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein created samples for New Yorker’s to have just a taste of the food served at the Canyon Ranch properties. See the menus below.

Breakfast Menu:

– Granola Bars

– Fruit Smoothies (how tasty do those look?!)

Lunch Menu:

– Turkey Meatloaf Slider

– Roasted Veggie Salad

– Chocolate Chip Cookie (who says you have to deprive yourself?)

One great take away from a stay at Canyon Ranch is that there are recipes available online for guests to use when back at home. From breakfast, to lunch, dinner and even snacks. The easy to follow recipes are available as a tool to keep guests on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Trust us, you will never think of healthy food the same again!



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