Best desserts in Dubai to satisfy your sweet tooth

If you are on a diet, this post is not for you. Although I usually crave salt rather than sweet, when the sugar cravings hit, I will always go for a big, indulgent dessert – preferably something with ice cream on top, and contrasts with something warm. And with all the incredible dessert options in Dubai, self-control does not get any easier. Here are some desserts that I think are the best in the city.

 1. Jivara Hazelnut Bomb, Hakkasan

The name says it all. With hazelnut ice cream delicately wrapped in a rice coating and smothered with hot chocolate sauce, what more could you ask for? The contrast as the ice cream melts in your mouth, with the hot chocolate sauce and the light crisp you get with the rice is a great combination of textures for the perfect dessert.


2. Fettuccine Crepe, Dip N Dip

Seeing photos of what this place has to offer is just enough to make you drool. My favourite from the conveniently located restaurant on Jumeirah Beach Road is the fettuccine crepe. Two of my ultimate food favourites are fettuccine alfredo pasta and crêpes – so crêpes shaped like fettuccine sounds incredible!

With the addition of an ice cream scoop and a ton of Belgium chocolate, it has all the ingredients for a to-die-for dish. My personal tip with this one is not to add the whole jar of chocolate – less chocolate and more ice cream makes it even tastier!


3. Tiramisu, Quattro Passi

If you are a coffee lover, you have got to try this! Quattro Passi serves what I think is one of the best Tiramisu’s in town.


4. Freakshakes, The Black Lion

You have to go to this place with an empty stomach – no kidding. Although they serve some pretty good burgers, the aptly named freakshakes beat them hands down. Milkshakes are yummy enough on their own. Imagine that, topped with cookies and ice cream? I am sold already. As a chocolate lover, I definitely recommend the Chocolate Milkshake with Cookies. Other options include Raspberry Eton Mess, Maple and Pecan, and Pistachio and White Chocolate – a Time Out favourite!


5. Granola Yoghurt Ice Cream, Fifth Avenue, Trump International Golf Club, Dubai

With the hot summer fast approaching, these yoghurt ice cream sticks sprinkled with granola will cool you down as well as satisfy your sweet tooth. They are also – what I would consider – somewhat ‘healthy,’ so you don’t need to feel too guilty after having one of them!


6. Lotus French Toast, Catch 22

They weren’t lying when they said, “believe us, you’ll be back for this!” The crusted brioche filled with lotus cream, with caramel drizzled on top is super rich and creamy – the perfect wickedly indulgent treat!