Mauritius, known as one of the most romantic islands in the world, has no shortage of beaches to see, restaurants to eat in and hotels to stay at. However, what you might not know is that Mauritius is home to a handful of activities perfect for the adrenaline seekers amongst you. Inspired for those looking for a holiday with a bit of ‘spice’, below is a list for the adventure junkies out there, who want to mix their beach-side reading with some skydiving:

The Sub Scooter: Comfortably seated one behind the other, you can breathe normally inside a big broad common transparent and panoramic glass dome, whilst enjoying 360 degree panoramic views of the sea bed and Indian Ocean. Perfect for those who are not strong swimmers, this is a fun and unique way to get up close and personal with the beautiful fish Mauritius has to offer.


Sky Diving: Experience Mauritius from 10,000ft and encounter the most spectacular scenic flight you can imagine. Done as a tandem, this is a safe yet exhilarating, one-in-a-lifetime activity which shows off the coastline, mountains and beyond.


Casela Nature Park: This is the place where people of all ages can enjoy the myriad of activities on offer, varying from mud karting and canoeing to zip lining and quad biking. There is a safari park where you can see animals in the wild either by camel, horse, segway or truck as well as canyon swinging for the uber adventurous among you!


Hike the Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire: This is definitely one for the fitness fanatics! The well-known hike is known to be a bit of a struggle but the views from above are definitely worth the fight to the top. At 828 meters high, this is known as one of the ‘must do’ things in Mauritius and as the highest point on the island, you can imagine the effort is well worth it!


The Sea Hover: The Sea Hover, aka a tiny water borne boat, offers trips to the nearby west coast lagoons, where Benitier’s Island, Le Morne and the popular coast of Flic en Flac can be explored. Those who enjoy watersports and travelling at great speeds will get plenty of thrill from this mini water bomb.